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Skydive Burnaby
Burnaby Township, Wainfleet
Ontario, Canada    
Tel: 1-800 693 JUMP (5867) Fax:

You’re at 14,000 feet. The sky is as blue as it can be before it gets white. And you’re seconds away from one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. As you exit the plane, the weight of the air, or the rush of sound might surprise you, and then for one glorious minute you experience the total freedom of ‘free fall’.

At 5000 ft your chute opens and you float down to earth, silently, under a crimson rectangular canopy “with a smile so grand that you won’t be thinking of anything else,” says instructor Scott Broghese, himself a Canadian champion. “You feel completely free.”

On the ground, Tara and Mike Pitt are making sure that your entire experience is safe, rewarding, and unforgettable. It’s something that has been a part of Mike’s life since he was a boy of 9. By the time he was 10, he was packing parachutes, and by the time he was 16 he was jumping. He met Tara, his future wife, when he was 21, “and I’ve been here at the club ever since,” says Tara.

In 1991 Mike and Tara purchased Burnaby Skydive when the previous owner passed away. They bought not only a skydiving club, but also a whole lot of history and tradition. The 69 acre site was built as an airport in 1948, and the skydiving club was founded in 1961. Today the club boasts a membership of 110, two planes, a Cessna 182 and a 22-seat DeHavilland Twin Otter, and holds all the major Canadian skydiving records since 2000.

For the curious and adventurous at heart, your first jump is only a phone call away, says Tara, and after arriving at the club you’ll be sky borne within one hour. A novice undergoes a short orientation in preparation for their first jump, a ‘tandem’ jump, in which they are harnessed and attached securely to the instructor enabling them to jump as one person. They wear a parachute designed to carry two people, plus the instructor has an emergency chute, and all the student has to do is remember body positioning. In this way, says Tara, the student has time to enjoy the jump without any concerns about equipment, steering or landing. A 100 percent safety record is due in no small part to their innovative teaching methods as well as the exceptional callibre of instructors.”. The club offers an advanced free fall program, enabling enthusiasts to jump solo and acquire full certification, in accordance with national and international standards.

But there is one thing, says Australian jumper Brett Gersekowski. “If there’s anything you want to do in your life, better do it before you jump. Because once you’ve skydived, you won’t want to do anything else.”


First tandem jump: $299.00 plus HST

Group rates available.

Seasonal. Weather restrictions.

Maximum weight 225lbs.

Skydive Burnaby

Mike and Tara Pitt

Located in the township of Burnaby (Wainfleet) near the shores of Lake Erie., approx 1hr.20mins from Toronto, 40 mins from Niagara Falls.

Ph: 1-800 693 JUMP (5867

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